Frequently asked questions

Is it a requirement that my orthodontist’s appointment is scheduled by the family dentist?

It is definitely not. A number of patients get referrals from their family dentist; however, a lot of other patients schedule an examination on their own.

How old do I need to be to get an orthodontic screening?

It is the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists that an individual gets a screening at the age of 7. By that age, there has been the eruption of many permanent teeth in the majority of children, enabling us to assess your condition in the most effective way.

Will my teeth become straighter as they grow?

Unfortunately, they will not. The available space for the front teeth will not get bigger as you age. In the majority of individuals, after the eruption of the permanent molars, the available space for the front teeth will decrease as they age.

What is the cost of the procedure? Are there available options for financing? What role does my insurance play?

It is not possible to provide a precise cost for treatment before the examination is done. During the initial exam, your financial options and exact cost will be covered. There are several available financing options to meet your needs and these will be reviewed with you. Your insurance policy will also be reviewed to assist you in maximizing your benefit and filing your claims.

What foods will I not be able to eat with my braces?

Once treatment starts, you will be given full instructions and a comprehensive list of the foods to stay away from. Those foods include: hard candy, raw vegetables, ice and sticky foods such as taffy and caramel. You will be able to avoid many emergency appointments to fix damaged or broken devices by following these instructions carefully.

Will braces hurt?

Typically, the braces will not “hurt.” Though, following certain visits, you might experience soreness in your mouth for a couple of days. If this happens, pain medications like Tylenol or Advil will lessen the discomfort. However, following most appointments, patients will not experience any soreness whatsoever.