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We are Bill and Jolene Vermeer. Our love for farming started back in 2000 with the purchase of our first farm in Chilliwack BC. We both had been raised on farms, so farming was a natural choice for us. After completing various college courses focused on horticulture and business, we purchased five acres of farmland in Chilliwack and built our first greenhouse. Our first crop was gerbera cut flowers, and over the years, the farm evolved to include vegetable crops like greenhouse tomato, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, and various herbs. In 2012, we added aquaculture to our farm, with the focus on tilapia production. Then in 2017, we decided to sell the farm and pursue other interests. Well, once farming is in your blood, it's hard to get out. So, fast-forward to 2020. We decide to get back into farming, and Salmon Arm was the perfect place to do that. In September of that year, we purchased a wonderful piece of property bordering Little Mountain Park. And with our three beloved children, we decided to start a new adventure called Little Mountain Farm. New to our farm is Little Grow, We're excited to be sharing our knowledge of growing and with your support, this opportunity helps our family in the off-season.

thanks, Bill & Jolene

Bill & Jolene


We’re a small family farm located in Salmon Arm B.C. We have a lovely flock of happy chickens producing wonderful free-range eggs. We also grow greenhouse vegetables, primarily cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and lettuce. Our focus is to produce healthy and sustainable food without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Please visit us! We’re at 4321 10 Ave SE, just across from the  Salmon Arm disc golf course. There's nothing quite like the taste of vine-ripened veggies and freshly picked produce, it's worth the visit

Locally Produced

All our farm products are locally grown right here in Salmon Arm. We’re passionate about producing great quality food using sustainable farming practices, and we believe that local products are tastier, healthier, and better the environment. We can't wait to share them with you!

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